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Living in Nijmegen

Living in Nijmegen: Why Move to the Vibrant City? The Netherlands is famous for its extraordinarily beautiful and welcoming cities, brilliant architecture, and an indescribable atmosphere of harmony and ease. However, even in the list of stunning places in this European country, the town of Nijmegen stands out for its peculiar charm. We will be […]

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what is the 30% ruling

What is the 30% Ruling in the Netherlands? Immigrants who have employment opportunities in the Netherlands can enjoy some relief from taxes with the 30% ruling. 30% of your taxable income will be tax-free if you’re eligible for the 30% ruling. The 30% ruling is a tax policy by the Belastingdienst to cover the unusual

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Moving to Tilburg

5 Reasons Why Moving to Tilburg is a Great Idea Tired of all the tourists in Amsterdam? Sobbing after eyeing the housing prices in Utrecht? And really into moving to the Netherlands but not so much into the soberness of the north? In that case, moving to Tilburg might just be the thing to consider!

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