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5 Reasons Why Moving to Tilburg is a Great Idea

Tired of all the tourists in Amsterdam? Sobbing after eyeing the housing prices in Utrecht? And really into moving to the Netherlands but not so much into the soberness of the north? In that case, moving to Tilburg might just be the thing to consider!

There’s a Netherlands ‘under the rivers’ that hasn’t got all of those issues but sure has tons of other stuff going for it. So, sit down, buckle up with a little blokje kaas and read up on why the fair North-Brabant city of Tilburg might just be your next hometown in the Netherlands.


1. Tilburg has a Lovely and Surprising City Center

Did you know for a fact that Tilburg is the sixth most popular city in the Netherlands? Well probably not, right? But you will see why it is once you’ve visited Tilburg (that might be a good idea to start with right now).

Tilburg entails everything that makes a Dutch city amazing. Picturesque street scenes, some nice urban industrial areas, creative shops, and trendy and tasty restaurants — the list goes on, but pictures can tell a better story in this case:

Feel more like dancing? Can’t go wrong with the Piusplein and De Korte Heuvel. Want to get off the beaten path? Check out the Piushaven and the Spoorzone for a more original and distinctive experience.


2. There are Tons of Events in Tilburg Throughout the Year

If you don’t feel like moving to a Dutch town where nothing happens besides Koningsdag then you don’t need to worry when you’re considering moving to Tilburg. With over 700 (!) events per year, Tilburg is the event city of the Netherlands

And there’s something there for everybody with De Mei Markt (the biggest night market of the Netherlands), Woo Hah Festival (a personal fave of mine), Road burn Festival, Tilburg’s Ten Miles, and the EK Cross. Did I forget one? Oh yeah, there’s, of course, the famous fair of Tilburg which is the largest one in the Netherlands!


3. Moving to Tilburg to Study

If you came across this article I guess you are already contemplating a potential move to Tilburg and chances are that you’re thinking about studying in the city. And let me tell you there’s absolutely no reason not to move to Tilburg to study; there are varieties of specializations to follow and Tilburg University is among the top universities in the world!

If you’re not moving to Tilburg for studying then it’s still an advantage. All the students enrich the cultural scene and nightlife and make for a vibrant and buzzing Dutch city.


4. Moving to Tilburg is Great for Creative Entrepreneurs

That student scene, the city not being in the ever-crowded Randstad, and a can-do attitude make Tilburg a rather conducive environment in the Netherlands for doing business. The spirit is further strengthened by international companies such as Fuji Film and Tesla among other benefactors present. Heck! Their motto is ‘Make it in Tilburg!’ It also shows in daily life since there are varieties of buzzing places (in a good way, not in a 19th-century factory way).

The Entrepreneur House

So, if you’re doing anything creative or want to set up a stable business or enterprise in the Netherlands then Tilburg has your back, they’ve got a super handy website for all the creative entrepreneurs out there. Visit our good friends at The Entrepreneur House to get you started in the entrepreneurial community of Tilburg!


5. And of Course, it has ‘Brabantse Gezelligheid’!

Ask anybody from Tilburg itself why you should consider moving to Tilburg and there’s a pretty good chance that with a soft ‘g’ accent they will ecstatically reply with ‘because of the Brabantse Gezelligheid‘! We’ve already taught you what the term gezellig actually means and Brabantse Gezelligheid is taking it to a totally new level.  Brabantse gezelligheid (loosely translated to ‘Brabant’s cosiness’) is beers, worstenbroodjes a.k.a sausage rolls (I prefer calling it mouth-watering), dancing, good food (better than the rest of the Netherlands they say), the soft ‘g’, more beers, being very hospitable, Guus Meeuwis, long nights, and Carnaval!

Well, to really truly understand it you might just have to consider the thought of moving to Tilburg! Leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind you for a moment and live life to the fullest at Tilburg.

If you enjoy living life to the fullest and have decided to move to Tilburg, visit our accommodations here to have a place to call home.



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