Popular cities to rent in The Netherlands

Popular Cities to Rent in Holland

Holland is a wonderful place to stay. With numerous beautiful cities. You may have a difficult time finding the right place for you. The Netherlands is a fairly small country and has good public transport connections. Therefore, it is possible and very common to live in one city and work somewhere else. In this blog article, you will find a list of the Netherlands cities that attract the most people from abroad. Here are the most popular cities to rent in Holland:


The “Venice of the North”, the capital and biggest city of Holland is a cosmopolitan city and the center of the Dutch economy. There are lots of job opportunities and the city has been ranked as the tenth best European city for starting a business.

Amsterdam has a high percentage of foreigners, with over 50% of residents being foreign-born. Although Amsterdam is a vibrant city and considered a good place to live, this is reflected in the rent prices, which are more expensive than elsewhere in Holland. If you are visiting make sure not to miss out on the Rijksmuseum, showcasing some of the most well-known artworks in the world.


Rotterdam is located in South Holland and is the second largest city in Holland. It has the largest port in Europe. It’s similarly multinational in nature to Amsterdam and is home to many large companies such as Unilever, Pfizer, and Allianz. The rental market in Rotterdam, while not quite as pricy as Amsterdam, is still more expensive than most other cities in Holland.

The Hague

The city of The Hague is known for having the government of the Netherlands and international organizations such as the International Court of Justice and Europol.  As a result, many international professionals live in the city, and there are many high-end apartments for expats. The Hague ranks second as the most expensive city in Holland to live in.


This city in the south is the seventh largest in Holland.

Tilburg has multiple universities, Tilburg University is located here as are Avans University of Applied Sciences and Fontys University of Applied Sciences. Expats find their way here as well as the city becomes more and more internationally oriented.

The Spoorzone, a former railroad depot of the Dutch Railways, is a very popular place in Tilburg. There’s already a lot of cool stuff here, but there’s a lot more to come. “It is raw and hip at the same time, so you can go from a bare industrial street to suddenly end up in a cute little converted train  for a cup of coffee.”


Groningen, the biggest city in the north of Holland, is also one of the most historic cities in Holland in terms of its architecture and culture. Over 20% of the population in Groningen are students. Accordingly, there’s a vibrant nightlife and plenty of apartments to rent.


The city has about 212,000 inhabitants, almost a third of whom are foreigners. It’s home to the multinational electronics company Philips, which has made the city an important technology center. Eindhoven is famous for its innovative character, for its creativity, and innovation in design and technology.

Eindhoven is also a modern and green city, with many parks and hotspots. The rental market can be quite overheated as lots of “techies” will be looking for a place in this vibrant city.


The fourth largest city in Holland is a very lively place. The city center is built around the centuries-old cathedral Dom Tower and is crisscrossed by many picturesque canals. Some with extraordinary wharf cellars that house stores, cafes, restaurants, and bars along the water.  Utrecht attracts expats and foreign companies with a high standard of living and a well-educated workforce in a laid-back university town.


Having roots in ancient Roman times, Nijmegen is surely a place you will not want to miss. Nijmegen is one of the only cities in the Netherlands which has actual hills. With nice bars and restaurants in the city center, and always something to do or see, Nijmegen is popular amongst the younger generation and the older generation alike. It also hosts the world’s largest walking event, with over 45.000 participants over a four-day period. Enjoy the music and the festivity in the 7-days spanning around this day as the whole city will be coming to celebrate the achievements together.

We wish you the best in your journey of finding lovely accommodation for your stay in Holland. If you are still looking for a place to call home in the Netherlands you can find our range of accommodations on our residences page.

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